360 Flip Scientific Protocol

7 Ply Skateboard Deck
Grip Tape
2 Trucks
4 Polyurethane Wheels
8 Ball Bearings
8 Screws and Nuts

1. Place your front foot in kick flip stance, at a 45 degree angle about two or more inches from the front bolts.
2. Put the ball of your back foot in the curvature of the tail otherwise known as the concave point.
3. Tilt your back foot up a little bit; this will help get the spin.
4. Pop and spin at the same time, then just kick your front foot forward and out like a kick flip.
5. Pop and SCOOP the board. The key to this trick is the scoop. Just try to get underneath the board, but not too much.
6. After you scoop the board up, at the same time, flick the board with your foot like you would when doing a kickflip.
7. Jump higher than the board by at least two inches.
8. Watch carefully and wait for the right moment to land. Wait for the board to come around to the grip tape.
9. Land with your knees bent and rollaway that much cooler.