Skateboard iPhone Charger

Danne Woo and Sophie Laffont

Inspired by Bernard Kiwia’s bike phone charger created for the people of Tanzania, we wish to use a similar method but with a skateboard rather than a bike. Using the spinning wheel of the skateboard we plan to generate enough power to charge an iPhone.

Design and Technical
• Design
• We have several ideas for the design of the charger. We can create a box that is part of the skateboard i.e contained within the skateboard.
• Or we can have an outside little box that attaches to the skateboard, most likely underneath it (see drawings below.)
• Also, there are a couple of different ways that we can charge the phone

• Traditional iPhone charger.
The phone can then be directly charged from the skateboard so it is plugged into the charger,
• iPhone battery charger
A battery is charged and that can then be used to power the iPhone when it is low on power.

• Skateboard (board, trucks, wheels, bearings, risers)
• 470 microfarad capacitor
• 7806 transistor (voltage regulator)
• USB iPhone cable
• 12V DC motor
• Rubber roller
• Brake pipe
• Brake clamp
• Spoke
• Spring wire
• 8mm nylon rod

• Kiwia Phone Charger (
• Hacked Minty Boost (