Bioluminescent House Plant

This summer I spent some time on a small island of the coast of Vancouver Island and was lucky enough to witness bioluminescent algae glowing in the waves crashing on the shore. Ever since then I have been interested in this beautiful phenomenon. Over the weekend my interest was fueled by seeing the Creatures of Light exhibit at the Natural History Museum. I would love to try and bring this into the modern home and find a way to either use bioluminescence to accompany or replace our household electronics. Would it be possible to use red, green and blue toned organisms to replace the TV screen? Is that cruel? Maybe its better to start small, so how about a house plant that is genetically modified to glow in the dark to act as a night light.

Bio-Light, by Dutch electronics company Philips
Glows green when fed with Methane gas

Bioluminescent Fungi in Brazil